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Taking the time to visit and explore my website suggests that your or someone close to you is serious about a career in the entertainment industry.


Maybe you already work in the industry and are looking to make a move in your career.


Maybe you're a parent, wanting to learn more about the industry in which your son or daughter has expressed a desire to study and work.


Maybe you're a student trying to determine the best career path for you, or the right college or university in which to enroll to give you the best training, the best education, and the best preparation for a career in your chosen field in entertainment.


Or maybe you're an up & coming artisan on the "outside of the industry" who desires to navigate the often complex and tricky business so that you, too, can have a successful career in "show business."


If any of this rings true for you, then you've come to the right place!



For those looking for assistance with a student's college/university search, start by asking yourself this question - do you really need the services of a consultant like me?


If your child is in a strong school where the college counselors are members of NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling) or perhaps the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS), those counselors are well-equipped to provide you and your child all the guidance you need.  You have already purchased their services as part of a comprehensive educational package through your (often high) tuition payments.  Before paying even more money for outside consulting, make the most of what you have already purchased.


But how do you do that?  By entering into a “partnership” with the counselor in your child’s school.  A partnership is one where you work side-by-side with a professional who can, as Forbes contributor Chris Teare explains, "puts your child into latitudinal and longitudinal context, bringing your unconditional love for your child into a conversation with an educator who has conditional regard for that same child, evaluating, counseling, and advocating for him or her in relation to a particular graduating class, as well as by comparison to years or decades of other students.”


As a parent, I know it can be hard to be objective about one’s child. I see my daughter through "rose-colored glasses" in many ways. The best school counselors assist parents by helping them to understand their children more fully (often while explaining to adolescents ways in which their parents’ annoying behaviors are in fact usually normal, too.)  They coach parents through the process, answering both general and specific questions, and above all helping them help their children in this process that can sometimes feel overwhelming and intimidating.


It is not a parent’s job to do all the research on colleges, fill out applications, or write a student’s essay.  Good school counselors are there to help your child complete the tasks that are properly his or hers to do.  A parent needs to check in from time to time to make sure that everything is going along properly.  That’s partnership.


Knowing this, when is it time to get independent educational consulting?  When you have given your child’s school counselor a fair chance to build a relationship with your child and found, unfortunately, that it’s not working.  Again, in independent schools where you have already paid for services and caseloads are manageable, it should be possible for your child to get all that he/she needs where you have already written a (probably large) check.  Before seeking outside help, make sure you are getting your money’s worth from your child’s school first.


Where that may not be possible is in public school districts where budget cuts have made caseloads so large that excellent counselors simply don’t have enough time in the day to get to know individual young people and their parents well enough to provide high-quality service.  If your child’s college counselor has more than 50 students—and many public school counselors have hundreds of young people to guide—you may need to bring in an independent consultant.


If that’s the case, how do you choose one?  Use the search tools for consultants in your area, do online research, make phone calls, and interview any professional who seems worth your time.  Make sure your child meets and has a rapport with the consultant before you put your money down.  Some consultants offer comprehensive packages; others bill by the hour.  Do your homework and trust your child’s gut reaction to the independent consultant before spending money to retain that person’s services.


If you do sign someone for independent help, the best scenario is one where the consultant is in communication with the school counselor, so that there are no mixed messages.  No matter how good the outside consultant, he/she is not responsible for submitting the secondary school report, including transcript and recommendation, so you need at least a working relationship with the school counselor, if not the significant “face time” and deep personal knowledge of your child that a good independent consultant has the time to provide.


I can also offer you my experience and knowledge as an Educational Consultant, assisting you with:

  • selecting the right college and/or university program for your student
  • improving your chances for acceptance in film, television, theater, and digital entertainment educational programs
  • the differences between BA, BFA, and BS programs in entertainment areas of study
  • what an MFA degree can do for you

If you're someone more interested in career assistance, then I can provide you with my experience and knowledge as a consultant in the fields of:

  • feature film development and production
  • television development and production
  • original streaming content development and production
  • pursuing and maintaining an acting career
  • career development in the more traditional business, production and support service areas of the entertainment industry.


I LOVE teaching!

I love helping people launch careers!

I love watching the "light bulb" go off as a "student" of mine begins to understand how this crazy industry works, and learns how to properly apply themselves towards a career.


It's incredibly satisfying to me to watch my students' careers take off, knowing I was fortunate to have played a small part in helping them to realize their potential and begin a path to a successful career!


If you think I can be of service to you, please explore my website and learn more. And feel free to reach out to me by email at blanchesterridgeent@gmail.com or by telephone at 818-606-0547.