“Phil’s book not only gives filmmakers a working vocabulary, but a tool they can refer to again and again as new situations arise at the beginning of their career.”

        – Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer

           Pirates of the Carribean / Enemy of the State / Armageddon / CSI / CSI: New York


“A must for anyone trying to break into films.”

        – Sam Mercer, Producer

            Snow White and The Huntsman / The Sixth Sense / Congo / Heaven Is For Real


“This book belongs in every film, television, theater and journalism school in the country. Every student should read this book.”

        – Ron Bozman, Producer

               For Love of the Game / Silence of the Lambs / The Stepford Wives


“This book is crucial for the neophyte filmmaker. It’s a straightforward account of finding your for job in the film industry in Los Angeles.”

        – Peter Bogart, Producer

               Con Air / Ace Ventura: Pet Detective / Lake Placid / Return to the Blue Lagoon


“The first and most articulate resource with practical advice and guidance for finding employment in the motion picture industry.”

        – Charlie Peters, Writer & Director

               My One and Only / Music From Another Room / Three Men and a Little Lady


“I wish I had a book like this when I was trying to break into films. GET A REEL JOB is incredibly helpful and on the nose with its straightforward advice.”

        – Steve Rash, Director

               Eddie / Can’t Buy Me Love / Under the Rainbow / The Buddy Holly Story


“The best book on breaking into the film business ever written.”

        – Michael Goldberg, Writer

               Snow Dogs / Cool Runnings / Little Giants


“I tell my students if they’re going to Los Angeles, they need three things: a resume, a car, and a copy of GET A REEL JOB.”

        – Dr. Jack Stanley

               Head, Dept. of Communications, UT-Pan-American


“GET A REEL JOB is a great shortcut guide to the biz and a must read.”

        – Pauline Cyme

               Industry Specialist, The Right Connections Personnel Service


“I believe GET A REEL JOB should be required reading in all films schools as well as for students interested in pursuing entertainment law. It’s concrete, thoughtful and useful.”

        – Sherri Burr

               Professor of Law, University of New Mexico Law School




It was a pleasure learning about the film and music industries from you while having the time of my life in Los Angeles!

  • Aaron F.


Thanks so much for the unbelievable semester. These four months were easily the best in my life.

  • Zach H.


I just wanted to say, truly and honestly, thank you all so much for this incredible experience. I know for a fact I would not have had the simply amazing opportunities I did without your help and this program. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be here, and I can’t thank you enough.

  • Aaron M.


I also wanted to say thank you for a great semester. Your class especially has been incredibly helpful over practicalities and real-life knowledge of this world. I honestly appreciate it.

  • Will Q.

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