Have you ever dreamed of working in the entertainment industry?


Do you picture yourself on a sound stage or at a distant location working with some of the most talented and successful people in the industry?


Have you the desire to work as a studio, network, music, streaming, or production company executive? Maybe as a talent agent, talent manager, acquisition or distribution executive? Or on the "business" side of entertainment as a business affairs, marketing, public relations exec, or attorney, accountant, estimator, auditor, strategic planner, and human resources?


Or maybe you're hoping for a career on the "creative" side of the business as an actor, writer, director, producer or casting director? Or even on the "production" side as a line producer, UPM, 1st AD, cinematographer, editor, designer, special or visual effects technician, animator, or key crew personnel?


If any of these careers in entertainment, and the many more I've not mentioned, are what you seek, then maybe I can help.


I spent 35 years in entertainment working both freelance and in staff positions at a variety of companies. I've used that vast experience and knowledge all over the country leading courses and seminars for students and professional neophytes wanting to learn the "ins and outs" of the industry and how best to begin with the right education, how to launch a career, how to network for success and how to sustain a career.


I would be delighted to give YOU access to this information as well, and work with you to establish a path to a successful career.


I will also offer you my experience and knowledge as a consultant in the fields of:

  • feature film development and production
  • television development and production
  • original streaming content development and production
  • pursuing and maintaining an acting career
  • business careers in entertainment
  • production careers in entertainment
  • networking (the art of developing and maintaining industry relationships)


I can also offer you my experience and knowledge as an Educational Consultant, assisting you with:

  • selecting the right college and/or university program for you
  • improving your chances for acceptance in film, television, theater, and digital entertainment educational programs
  • the differences between BA, BFA, and BS programs in entertainment areas of study
  • what can an MFA degree do for you?


But don't take my word for it. Review the comments from some of my satisfied students. Click this Accolades link to read their comments.